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Máy Xray An Ninh NUCTECHTM Kylin

Máy Xray An Ninh NUCTECHTM Kylin

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Máy Xray NUCTECHTM Kylin

  • NUCTECH™ Kylin is a newly developed CT (Computed Tomography) inspection system developed by NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED.
  • The system innovatively combines dual-energy material discrimination technology with spiral CT technology.
  • With multidimensional information acquired by the system, it realizes automated explosives / liquid explosives/narcotics detection and alarms with a higher probability of detection and lower false alarm rates.
  • Designed with a larger tunnel size and a higher throughput, Kylin is an ideal security solution for airports, Customs, critical infrastructures, governmental buildings, public activities, etc.

Đặc tính kĩ thuật của máy Xray NUCTECHTM Kylin:

  • Automated detection of various contraband like explosives, liquid explosives and narcotics, satisfying security needs for airports, Customs, etc.
  • Discriminating different materials and detecting various contraband like explosives and narcotics with higher probability of detection and lower false alarm rate, achieved ECAC EDSCB Standard C2.
  • Inspect objects in a 360-degree view, free of blind corners and identify contraband easier and with a more intuitive image.
  • Easier to detect contraband concealed in layers or placed at a particular angle.
  • Generates high-resolution DR images, and identifi es small thin objects like matches and lighter cores.
  • With dual-energy CT technology, material information is acquired to colorize different materials with different colors in 3D images.
  • Achieve the TIP in 3D images and provides effective methods for training and evaluating operators.
  • Realizes remote resolutions, operations and diagnoses and shares data between different areas with the help of cloud computing technology.
  • Modular design enables easy replacement of key components and convenient maintenance to reduce time and labor.
  • Provides 3D image processing functions such as 3D measurement, 3D mark, 3D super penetration, etc., helping to make accurate decisions more effectively and effi ciently.
  • Capable of integrating and communicating with any brand of ATRS manufacturers.

Thông số kỹ thuật: 

General Specifi cations
Tunnel DimensionsMax. Width: 620mm, Max. Height: 420mm
Max. Baggage Size2000mm(L)×620mm(W)×420mm(H)
Conveyor Height675~725mm
Conveyor Load160kg
DR Wire Resolution40AWG
DR Steel Penetration40mm
Display MonitorColor monitor / High resolution of 1920×1080
CT Spatial Resolution 2mm line pair
Health and Safety
X-ray Leakage
Conform to all the radiation protection standards recommended by IAEA, ICRP and WHO.
Image Processing System
DR Image Processing
Color / BW, Negative, Edge enhancement, General
enhancement, Organic stripping, Inorganic stripping,
High-energy Penetration, Pseudo-color, etc.
3D Image Processing
Color / BW, Negative, Edge enhancement, Super
penetration, Organic stripping, Inorganic stripping, 3D
mark, 3D measurement, Threat single display, etc.
ROI & Zoom
Selectable image zoom regions, 1~64 times enlargement
Data Storage Capacity
Up to 50,000 images

System Functions

Date / Time display, Baggage counter, User management, System-on timers, Power-on self-test, Image Storage and query, Built-in diagnosis.

Installation Data
Dimensions / Weight
3780mm(L)×1330mm(W)×1685mm(H) / 2000kg
Operating Temperature / Humidity
0~ +40/ 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature / Humidity
-40~ +60/ 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Power Supply
220VAC / 110VAC (-15% ~ +10%), 50Hz / 60Hz±3Hz
Power Consumption

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